About Erica Suppa

Fresh Faced Skin Care Founder + Formulator, Erica Suppa


Erica Suppa, an expert skin care specialist, developed her line of skin care and makeup products and services based on a scientific approach using her biology and research background. When she works on clients in one of her advanced skin care studios in Historic New Castle, Delaware or in Greenville, Delaware she uses that background to treat the different issues she comes across to create solutions that work for everyone, no matter what their skincare needs are.

Erica Suppa uses her past experiences with skincare services and products as a model of what she didn’t want. “Fresh Faced Skin Care was born out of what I wanted as a facial customer. I wanted personal attention and real results. These solutions cost money and I respect that. My mission is to provide personalized, therapeutic products and services that achieve extraordinary results clients have been searching for and want.”

“My scientific knowledge of skin biology and cosmetic chemistry allows me to discover the root cause of client skincare concerns. This, in turn, produces effective results for my clients who have struggled with these issues and received no resolution from other skincare specialists, including dermatologists. I can devise products and services that deliver the correct solutions for them. They’re so appreciative and awestruck.”

Erica Suppa has created a line of skincare and makeup products that are science-based, clean, natural, non-toxic, safe, and organic quality, superseding any others on the market. Come to one of her advanced studios and experience skin care services that will beat your expectations or try her products on your own. You’ll discover the difference you’ve been seeking.

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