Restoring Firmness to your Neck without Surgery

Are you unhappy with your neck? Do you feel that your neck gives away your age or even worse, looks older than what it should?

There are many contributing factors as to why our necks age more quickly than our face:

1. Fewer sebaceous glands- Allows for dry, crepey skin

2. Less fatty tissue- Lack of support and smoothness

3. Less Attention- How often do you moisturize and remember to put sunscreen on your neck?

I have developed a neck treatment protocol that will restore the firmness in your neck, even out skin discolorations, and smooth wrinkles. This picture is of an actual Fresh Faced Skin Care client. She had a series of 4 treatments in a 2 month time frame. Imagine a fresher, younger looking neck in only 2 months! Contact me for more details at