Tips On Rocking A Stunning Look With Natural Makeup

It’s been some time now that we’ve seen many women stepping away from the traditional and synthetic makeup, only to opt for a more natural, environmentally friendly, and safer alternative. The result is a revolutionary move toward natural makeup! Looking for ways to pull off the “au naturel” look using the best skin care products? Fresh Faced by Erica has got you covered!

1.    Setting the Base – Feeling Fantastic with the Freshest Foundation

Some have pegged foundation as a method for preparing the canvas for the ultimate piece of art. Choosing the right base is perhaps the most essential aspect. You don’t want it too ‘mattey’ – that would make the foundation appear as if it were caked on your face. On the other hand, an oil based foundation on oily skin could give out an unappealing shine. Synthetic foundations are also known to cause skin inflammation and acne.

With a natural foundation, you can be sure that it will be sensitive to your skin and not cause any irritation. The key, now, is in the application. Here are some tips:

  • First, find the right color. It is recommended that you choose a foundation that is one or two shades lighter than your skin. This will effectively cover any blemishes or dark circles. Finish it up with a concealer.
  •  For lighter coverage, apply a single even layer using a powder brush. For more coverage, apply 2-3 layers from the T-zone out.

2.    Accentuating The Cheeks

Most of us aren’t blessed with those coveted high cheekbones. Decide on the look. Do you want to go for a subtle hue or a bold look? For a softer look, opt for a neutral color blush. When you’re going bold, choose an ethereal pink or bronze for a sun-kissed appearance.

3.    The Eye & Lips – Scoring the Perfect Combinations

The true art of creating that perfect stunning look is strategically pairing and complementing the eye makeup and your lip color. The idea of eye makeup is to accentuate your eyes, and enhancing it. Different shades allow a world of possibilities that range from fun, playful, sexy, sophisticated and elegant. What’s your style? Once you decide on your look, move on to color combinations. Remember, when you match colors, you risk the chances of it getting muted. Instead, opt for contrasting shades.

Ready to get started on your natural makeup? We’ve got the best collection in store at Fresh Faced by Erica. From best makeup for dry skin to oily and sensitive, we’ve got it all! For more information, browse through our website, or give us a call at, 302-689-3223 if you have any questions at all.