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  • 1Did you know? Cool, plain yogurt makes a great sunburn soother.
  • 2Using a toner after you cleanse allows your serums to work more effectively.
  • 3Due to their formulation, serums are the first skin care product you apply after cleansing.
  • 4Proper SPF amounts to apply: A teaspoon for the face; a shot glass amount for your body.
  • 5Mineral foundation looks best when applied in light layers, building up to full coverage. If it is applied in a few thick or heavy applications, it sits on the skin and looks flat.
  • 6Wiping your face after cleansing removes too much moisture and can defeat the purpose of wearing a moisturizer. Instead, blot gently for optimal results.
  • 7Wash in an upward, circular motion with lukewarm water to retain your skin’s moisture.
  • 8Dark circles? An eye cream product with Vitamin K helps dark circles and veins under the skin become less prominent.
  • 9Give your skin care products a chance to work. Use them for 4-6 weeks before determining them ineffective.
  • 10Apply eye cream using your ring finger, beginning from the outer corner and working towards the inner corner.
  • 11Wash your face with warm water instead of hot water to avoid broken capillaries.
  • 12Puffy eyes? Keep your eye cream refrigerated to help contract the tissue around the eye area.
  • 13When applying your moisturizer, massage it in rather than just wipe it on. This will increase circulation and feel good at the same time!
  • 14 Washing your face with soap can strip oil from your skin and create residue build-up, leaving a dull complexion. Instead, choose a mild cleanser.