Soy Wax Melts


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Siren’s Song

The song of the Siren sliced through the thick fog, enticing the sailors to follow its seductive melody. As the song grew louder, the sailors’ nostrils were soon filled with an intoxicating mixture of white jasmine, earthy musk, and a tempting touch of tangerine. The fog began to lift and the sailors could see gorgeous creatures with metallic tails of pink and green both in the water and on the island ahead. Fully enveloped by song and scent, the sailors steered their ships closer to the Sirens and overlooked the perilous rocks surrounding them.

Mermaid Tales

As he bobbed up and down in the sea, the sailor took one last look at what was left of his ship from the relentless storm. Weak and weary, the sailor allowed the sea to surround him and he sank into the depths below. He felt a tug and opened his eyes. Two angelic Mermaids carried him to the warm, sun-soaked safety of a sandy beach. Exhausted, the sailor sat on the sand breathing in the luscious tropical smell of papaya and mango and watch as the mystical creatures’ tails disappeared back into the sea.

Sea Witch

In the murky abyss of the sea, an exotic and nefarious creature is active in her chamber. Gazing into her magic pool, the Sea Witch conjures up a spell for the ships approaching. She carefully chooses among the glass jars on her shelves. She tosses in a speck of eucalyptus, a dash of intoxicating jasmine, a sprinkling of radiant freesia, and hint of zesty lime to create the perfect storm. The magic pool begins to erupt, and a thick fog emerges. Smiling now, she watches as the ships spin out of control.

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Soy Wax Melts

Mermaid Tales, Sea Witch, Siren's Song


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Remove a cube from the container and place in any wax melt warmer.