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Acne Treatment Results

 Fresh Faced Skin Care Specializes in Clearing Acne in Teens & Adults:

  • We have a 95% success rate at clearing acne within 4 months

  • We clear acne without the use of antibiotics or prescriptions

  • We treat all types of acne, including cystic acne and acne scarring


Cystic Acne Before & AfterAcne Scarring Before & AfterTeen Acne Before & After

                            Cystic Acne                                                             Acne Scarring                                                           Teen Acne



 Acne Scarring Before & After 2Teen Acne Before & After 2Cystic Acne Before & After 2  

                                     Acne Scarring                                                            Teen Acne                                                              Cystic Acne