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What is it?

The Very Impressive Peel Plan (a.k.a. VIP Plan) is a monthly loyalty program that is customized specifically for your skin. Our advanced, clinically proven peel treatments dramatically improve both the look and health of your skin.

Your skin will be constantly building collagen and elastin (our support structure) to not only correct the current signs of aging, but also to prevent further aging!

Our peels are perfect for every skin type, color, or condition. Our highly customized approach allows you to get the results you desire with every treatment.

Why Be On the Plan?

created this plan because my unique peel treatments are so popular, I wanted to encourage my clients to receive these treatments on a monthly basis by offering them at a reduced cost with added benefits.

I understand the value that these peel treatments provide. These are such powerful, effective treatments and I want everyone to experience them.

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How Does It Work?

The VIP Plan is $90/month.

Every month, you will receive:

A Signature Customized Peel

A Retinol Booster to accelerate your results

Every 3rd month that you are on the program, you will receive:

A Super Peel: This Super Peel is an exclusive peel not offered to any other client! It is an advanced, mid-depth peel that will rejuvenate your skin every season!

Every VIP Plan member will also receive a complimentary, full-size skin care product as they reach certain milestones: 6 months, 1 year, etc.

What's the Catch?

You must receive a peel treatment every month in order to remain active on the VIP Plan and continue to receive the discount price and added benefits.

In order to stay active, you must re-schedule your next appointment in advance (typically before leaving your prior appointment).

In the event you miss a month, you will lose your monthly discount and will have to pay the regular price for the treatment received. You may resume the VIP Plan by scheduling the following peel within a four week time frame; however, you will re-start the program from the beginning.

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